Library of the Institute of National Economy

(open from Monday to Friday, between 10:00 and 14:00)


The library holds volumes of books and periodicals in Romanian and in foreign languages (English, French, Russian, German), including:

  • history and economic theory books;
  • works of the institute's researchers (studies, books published in the old Oeconomica academic collection, articles published in the Romanian Journal of Economics <1991-2003>);
  • books purchased through own research programs (600 titles);
  • ESEN-2 studies (40 titles);
  • CIDE publications (Economic Problems, NIEC Annals);
  • doctoral theses in economics defended at NIEC;
  • subscriptions to legislative collections and economic publications;
  • donations - legal entities:
    • Economic Tribune (1990-2003);
    • Expert Publishing House;
    • the UN Information Center in Romania;
  • donations from individuals:
    • Acad. Prof. Constantin Ionete, PhD
    • Prof. Gheorghe Zaman, PhD - Corresponding member of the Romanian Academy
    • Gheorghe Dobre, PhD


  • The library has an increasing number of readers, both among its own researchers, as well as researchers from other Institutes of the Romanian Academy, university students, and PhD students.

  • Access to the library is free. The works are on the following topics:

    • economic theory/economic situation in various countries and in Romania;
    • economic problems (labour economics, finance, management, investments, trade, health);
    • transition, reform, economic integration.


  • Librarian: Ileana Mărginean, SRA