June 15, 2023

INE celebrated 70 years of activity by recalling historical events and showcasing research findings. The researchers who worked at the Institute of National Economy were acknowledged for their work and contributions in the area of the national economy.

Within the INE, prominent personalities of economic research have worked, developing schools of thought in the economic field: sustainable development and economic resilience, international commercial relations - Professor Gheorghe Zaman, corresponding member of the RA; the history of the national economy (academicians Gheorghe Zane, N.N. Constantinescu, Costin Murgescu; Victor Axinciuc, honorary member of the RA; Professor Victor Jinga, Dr. Ion Veverca); demoeconomics and economic sociology (academician Vladimir Trebici, who represented Romania at the United Nations, being the head of the UN Demographic Section for many years); statistics and econometrics: Professor Costache Moineagu, academician Aurel Iancu, Professor Egon Balaş, Dr. Tiberiu Schatteles, Dr. Marcu Horovitz.